Jul 14, 2014, 11:24 AM
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Iran Daily comments on Gaza massacre, ‘Islamic State’ rulers

Tehran, July 14, IRNA - 'Iran Daily' on Monday condemned the ongoing atrocities in the Gaza Strip urging all Muslims to stand up against those people who have fallen into Israel’s trap by having a thorough and wise analysis of the situation and providing the Zionists with security.

"Any Muslim who fails to do so should know that he/she is an accomplice to the crimes committed by Israel and is responsible for innocent blood shed by the Zionist regime and its mercenaries," highlighted the English-language paper in its Opinion column.

Imagine that one-tenth of the fatwas (religious decrees) that Takfiri muftis issued to encourage Muslim youths to join the wars in Syria and Iraq, had been passed to wage a jihad (holy war) against the Zionist regime of Israel, or that one-tenth of the foreign militants fighting in Syria and Iraq, who are said to be from over 80 countries, had arrived in the Palestinian occupied territories to fight Israel.

Again, if one reflects on the fact that one-tenth of tens of billions of dollars certain Arab countries spent to plunge Syria and Iraq into chaos, had been given to Palestinian resistance groups to reinforce them against Israel or that

one-tenth of a great amount of time and energy certain reactionary Arab states devoted to create crises and to foment sectarian conflicts in the Muslim world, had been allocated to support the cause of Palestine and to put an end to the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

How would be the situation in the Gaza Strip and other occupied territories if all the above-stated points had actually happened, questioned the daily.

Would the Palestinians be in such a dire situation that Israel has created if all these things were more than fantasies? They might be not. Even Israel would not exist in its present form, the paper believed.

The Gaza Strip is now a burning bloodbath simply because leaders of certain Muslim countries, instead of supporting Palestinians, have made themselves committed to the West in order to ensure the security of Israel. That’s why they are fanning the flames of war in Syria and Iraq in order to undermine resistance movements operating against Israel.

Takfiri muftis have declared the war in Syria a holy Jihad and dragged tens of thousands of militants from other countries to Syria to fight its legitimate government under the pretext of creating an ‘Islamic state’ for the reasons that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as they say, supports Lebanon’s Hezbollah and other Palestinian resistance groups, is against the so-called Middle East peace talks, stands against US unreasonable and excessive demands, and has strategic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Currently, Takfiri-Ba’athist terrorist groups overrunning northern parts of Iraq have established the so-called Islamic State and are making every effort to seize the capital Baghdad.

From the viewpoints of the real masterminds behind the Iraq crisis, namely the US, Israel and certain Persian Gulf Arab states, the Iraqi government is doomed to collapse because it has failed to follow their line.

Now the Muslim world is goring through an era in which the enemies of Islam are using leaders of certain countries and Takfiri groups to implement their evil plans against Muslim nations.

Based on these fiendish plots, Muslims must be played off against each other and sectarian, tribal and religious wars must be stoked so that Israel’s security is ensured. Such plans seek to undermine the ‘axis of resistance’ against Israel.

Now the picture is clear and one can easily realize how radical muftis are serving the interests of the United States and Israel in the region and stabbing Shia and Sunni Muslims in the back by issuing fatwas for Jihad in Syria and Iraq.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), currently known as the Islamic State, who has declared himself as caliph and commander of the faithful, is in fact executing US and Israeli plans in the region and is destroying potentials of the Muslim world in favor the enemies of Islam.

If such potentials had been used to help the Palestinian people, such Israeli atrocities would never have been perpetrated in the Gaza Strip, the daily pointed out.

Today, those who claim to be running an Islamic caliphate and implementing Sharia law are only undermining the Muslim Ummah and providing Israel with security.

These ignorant and deceived people have dealt the most severe blows on Islam through their insane acts, said the paper in conclusion.