Jul 13, 2014, 5:15 PM
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Dialysis equipment package available by September

Tehran, July 13, IRNA -- Packages of dialysis equipment prepared by Iran Helal Medical Equipment Company (Soha One) will be made available to medical centers by the end of September.

The company’s managing director, Mohammad Khadem Alizadeh said that at present patients have to acquire dialysis equipment, including syringe, bicarbonate concentrate powder, dialysis fluid and needles from different companies.

“Soha Company has decided to design the package of dialysis equipment for the welfare and ease of patients,” he said.

Alizadeh said that this will help improve the services provided to patients, adding a discount of at least five percent will be offered on all items included in the packages.

He noted that about 3.5 million to 4 million dialysis filters are produced in Iran annually and of them two million pertain to Soha One Company.

When your kidneys are healthy, they clean your blood. They also make hormones that keep your bones strong and your blood healthy. When your kidneys fail, you need treatment to replace the work your kidneys used to do. Unless you have a kidney transplant, you will need a treatment called dialysis.

There are two main types of dialysis. Both types filter your blood to rid your body of harmful wastes, extra salt, and water.

Hemodialysis uses a machine. It is sometimes called an artificial kidney. You usually go to a special clinic for treatments several times a week.

Peritoneal dialysis uses the lining of your abdomen, called the peritoneal membrane, to filter your blood.