MPs urge int'l bodies to speedily act against Zionist regime massacre

Tehran, July 13, IRNA – A large number of members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) urged heads of the United Nations, Organizations of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Inter-Parliamentary Organization to adopt necessary measures to immediately stop the Zionist regime ruthless massacre in Gaza.

In a statement issued on Sunday, 210 out of the total 290 Iranian MPs strongly condemned the brutal crimes committed by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip since July 8.

The MPs asked heads of the three international organizations to strongly treat the Zionist regime leaders as war criminals.

The statement said that the ruthless killing of children, women and men in Gaza by the savage Zionist regime during the holy fasting month of Ramdan is taking place with the support of the US and its Western allies and met with the dismaying silence of the Islamic states.

Following their defeat in Syria after years of planning and investing, the US, Britain and the Zionist regime are now imposing another serious crisis on Syria's Muslim neighboring states.

The plot aimed at triggering war and bloodshed in the Islamic world so that Muslims, instead of unanimously confronting the fabricated regime, use their immense capacity on internal clashes during the holy month of Ramadan.

The parliamentarians further stressed in the statement that the US and the Zionist regime should beware that the outcome of what they have done will befall them.

They also called on Muslims worldwide to take part in the rallies of the International Quds Day to protest the Zionsit regime atrocities.

The International Quds Day is marked every year worldwide in the last Friday of the holy month of Ramdan.