Jul 13, 2014, 1:35 PM
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Defenseless Palestinians in need of Arab states’ help: Daily

Tehran, July 13, IRNA - 'Iran Daily' on Sunday commenting on the current developments in the war-battered Gaza Strip, said that the defenseless Palestinians are in dire need of Arab countries' help.

The English-language paper in its Opinion column highlighted that the oppressed Palestinians are "pinning their hope on such people who are symbols of heroism, brotherhood and solidarity among Arabs and Muslims."

Since Palestinian resistance forces and Hamas do not have strong armies and are not equipped with, nuclear and chemical weapons, modern tanks and cruise missiles, undoubtedly, they are not able to remove Israel from the map, it said.

However, all former Israeli prime ministers have tested their luck to defeat the forces in Gaza Strip and put an end to their resistance and missile launching, yet none of them have been successful.

This is while, Palestinian missiles are still being fired powerfully and their resistance still continues superbly and proudly. It seems that Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu is doomed to the same destiny faced by his former counterparts.

Most definitely, this time also, Gaza residents and resistance forces will not bow to the Zionist regime and will overcome them again in the current battle.

What is currently going on in Gaza Strip is almost different from most of the previous wars, the daily noted, calling the current turmoil a ‘War of Horror’.

In view of the successes Palestinian forces have achieved in their current battle against Israeli forces including missile strikes on Tel Aviv, Haifa and towns close to occupied Beit ul-Moqaddas, carrying out commando raids and operations to attack Israeli naval base near the coastal city of Ashkelon and also destroying a military tunnel close to Abu Salem crossing, it seems that they have already won the present war.

Despite the fact that the per capita income of the residents of Israeli townships amount to $40,000 per year, which is unprecedented, and they are apparently enjoying a relaxed atmosphere, fear has gripped them, the daily stressed.

However, over 200 instances of Israeli F-16 bombers attacks have not intimidated the Palestinians. In fact, the Palestinian people know that no sooner they get rid of Israeli invasions and break through their current economic and political blockade, then they will face other raids and more intensive blockades will be imposed on them.

With this morale, it is impossible that they will give in to any foreign invasions. This is the fate God himself has determined for them, to set them as an example of resistance against blood-sucking and idolatrous enemies. The faithful and brave Palestinian people will never end their resistance until they accomplish their mission.

The ultimate outcome of this war for Israel will be nothing but regret because Palestinians forces are far stronger and patient than the Israelis.

Palestinians no longer count on other Arab countries for help. They do not follow statements issued by Nabil Elaraby, the secretary-general of the Arab League, and do not expect him to win any support or trophies for them in the meeting of the foreign ministers which is to be held in Tunisia next week, said the daily.

However, they recognize the players of Algeria’s national football team as their real supporters who have donated their World Cup €9-billion award to the residents of Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip inhabitants are also human. A big chunk of them are not related to Hamas Movement.

Nonetheless, resisting Israel’s invasions should be more important than any other political discrepancies and disputes. Regardless of all religious and racial disagreements, all nations should unite to help Palestine in this battle.

This is while, Egypt, as the Arab world’s biggest country, has blocked Rafah Border Crossing not allowing Palestinian war patients, who are deprived of medical care and medicines in their own hospitals, to enter the country.