Jul 12, 2014, 8:28 PM
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Sausage, salami trigger cancer

Tehran, July 12, IRNA --Cancer is just one of the harmful effects of sausage and salami, according to nutritionists, according to Sunday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily.

Easily preparation, coupled with delicious taste, has made sausage and salami one of the favorites among families. Despite warnings about their impacts on health, consumption is continuously on the rise, and this has alarmed health-related bodies.

Two factors should be considered in determining how harmful they can be: first, the ingredients used in the production and the amount of preservatives they contain, particularly nitrate and nitrite.

The main component of sausage and salami is poultry meat. However, since most food industries are more concerned about profit they use chicken dough instead of poultry meat which are mainly produced from parts of chicken that are usually discarded, for example chicken skin and viscera. There is no doubt that these materials are more harmful and can put public health at risk.

Another factor that makes such foods more risky is the use of preservatives to keep them for long time. Nitrate and nitrite are high-use preservatives in producing sausages and salami.

The amount of preservatives must not exceed the standard level. These materials put pressure on body's immune system and cause invasion of saturated fat acids which brings about cardiovascular diseases and various cancers.

According to nutritionists, sausage and salami contain of a lot of salt which exceeds the rate of a crisp pocket. Thus, use of sausage and salami triggers high blood pressure and it creates grounds of heart-related complications.

As several condiments and materials for changing taste, smell and color are used in sausage and salami production, those who are sensitive to such spices may stimulate some reactions including skin disorders such as rashes and itch.

Consumption of sausage and salami raises the risk of bladder cancer by 30 percent. Additive materials, for example sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite react with gastric acid and produce carcinogenic materials which put the digestive system at risk of cancer, particularly bladder cancer.

Sausage and salami may also cause genetic mutations which increases the risk of genetic diseases, according some specialists.

Consumption of such foods is usually accompanied with fuzzy drinks which cause iron, zinc and many vitamins deficiency and growth disorders.

All health-related bodies strongly recommend eliminating sausage and salami from daily diet basket due to their undisputed harmful effects.