President issues executive order to set up Mehran Free Trade Zone: Ilam governor-general

Ilam, July 12, IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani has issued executive order for commissioning Mehran Free Economic, Trade and Industrial Zone in southwest Ilam, Ilam governor-general Mohammad Reza Morvarid said on Saturday.

According to governor general office's Public Relations Department, President Rouhani has assigned his advisor, Akbar Torkan to carry out executive works to establish the Free Trade Zone.

Torkan was also tasked with bringing the proposal of setting up Mehran Free Economic, Commercial and Industrial Zone to the cabinet for approval.

Given president and cabinet's special attention to the strategic location of Mehran, the bill for the establishment of Mehran free economic, trade and industrial zone will be submitted to Majlis for final endorsement.

After Majlis approval, operations to set Mehran free economic zone will be undertaken at the earliest, Morvarid said.

The border city of Mehran located southwest of Ilam province has 220 kilometers joint borders with Iraq.

High level of security and lingual, tribal, religious and cultural diversity are among its unique advantages for establishment of the free trade and economic zone.

Mehran border is often frequented by the Iranian pilgrims and Iraqi pilgrims and tourists, as 6,000 people commute through Mehran border terminal each day.