Jul 12, 2014, 7:43 PM
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Firouzabadi calls for bringing IS leader to justice for war crimes

Tehran, July 12, IRNA – Chief of staff of the armed forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi on Saturday called on International Criminal Court to bring to justice IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for committing war crimes.

Firouzabadi said that the International Criminal Court has to bring criminal charges against al-Baghdadi as they investigated Serbian commanders for horrible crimes they perpetrated against Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The cold-blood murders al-Baghdadi has perpetrated in Iraq poses a threat to the entire international community, Firouzabadi said.

Those who invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the African countries under the pretext of fighting against al-Qaeda, have invented another al-Qaeda in the form of IS, Firouzabadi added.

Today, the IS is well-organized, much more than al-Qaeda, he said, adding that if the world fails to act urgently, a humanitarian crisis is likely to happen.

He said that the atrocities and massacre taking place in Gaza by the Zionist regime simultaneous with what's happening across Iraq is "meaningful".

He said that the Zionists tacitly showed their friendship with the IS terrorists by killing innocent women and children and destruction of mosques in Gaza.

He blamed inaction of the Arab governments, international organizations and human rights organizations to the ethnic cleansing initiated by Israel against Gaza since July 8.

Israel admitted that it carried 116 air raids Gaza since July 8 targeting mosques where the Muslim prayers gather at night in the holy month of Ramadan to listen to preachers and perform religious rituals.