Jul 12, 2014, 6:08 PM
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Hardliners say seculars are behind Rohani gov't's foreign policy

Tehran, July 12, IRNA – The Hardliners, the critics of moderate policies of President Hassan Rouhani say that it is pro-western seculars who are behind his administration's foreign policy.

Tasnim News Agency, a newborn agency close to Islamic Revolution Guards Corps on July 9 published Ali Asghar Zarei a hardline MP's remarks and accused the negotiating team of undermining the national interests.

The negotiating team should not accept any restriction on the research and development (R&D) in peaceful nuclear technology, the MP said.

He said that he believes the negotiating team has been deceived by the Western governments.

The lawmaker noted that the negotiating team seems to have forgotten the internal capacities and the Islamic system.

Various officials affiliated to the President Rouhani's administration have declared in different occasions that removal of sanctions will result in economic boom, such remarks will urge the enemies to tighten pressures and increase their demands, Zarei added.

Meanwhile, Vatan Emrooz daily managed by conservative MP Mehrdad Bazrpash wrote in an article released on Saturday that Majlis (parliament) should answer the national demand for freeze of talks and prevent signing of another bad agreement with G5+1.

Just like the Geneva Interim Agreement on November 24 which did not result in the ease of sanctions but stopped Iran's nuclear progress, the Comprehensive Agreement will not also lead to the removal of illegal sanctions and it is a concession to the enemies, the newspaper added.

The hardline daily asked the negotiating team to correct the current type of negotiations with G5+1, adding that Iranian diplomats' thirst for signing the final nuclear deal will bring high cost for the Iranian nation.

Vatan Emrooz daily believes that the negotiating team should show G5+1 that they are in Vienna to defend Iran's nuclear rights and they are not in need of removal of sanctions.

It is Americans who are in need of making a result out of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, the daily asserted.

It seems that the negotiating team is living in a world of fantacy because they suppose that they can resolve a decade old dispute in a year without paying the costs, Vatan Emrooz daily noted.

It added that the secular pro-western think-tanks and individuals are behind Rouhani administration's miscalculation in foreign policy.

President Rouhani on different occasions has defended his nuclear negotiating team against the so-called 'We Are Concerned' group who are critical of the government's foreign policy.

He has assured the critics that Foreign Ministry's nuclear negotiating team is experienced and capable enough to defend the nation's rights.

Critics of President Rouhani's reach out to the outside world particularly its foreign policy have launched a campaign known as “We Are Concerned” and have asked him on different occasions to give up his moderate policies and adopt the past policies of former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran's foreign policy has taken new directions since Rouhani was elected as President in 2013.

Nuclear talks between Iran and the G5+1 members have gained momentum.