Jul 12, 2014, 1:37 PM
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Iranian researchers use stem cells in retina disorders

Tehran, July 12, IRNA - Iranian researchers have developed the use of stem cells for treating retinal diseases. Currently, the research is undergoing testing in animals, announced a retinal diseases sub-specialist.

Currently, stem cells are being used to treat many cornea-related cases, in a way that the need for cornea transplant is obviated in some cases, Dr. Mohammad Riazi

told IRNA.

“As retina is a complicated tissue with many nerves, the researchers have not yet come to a definite result for the use of stem cells in treating retinal complications and their tests are limited to animalsm.”

The research, he added, is in the stage of laboratory implantation of animals’ retinal cells and their re-transplantation to eyes.

While using stem cells in retina, the researchers should reconnect all nerves to each other, he said adding as a result, this process is so complex that it requires further research.

Use of stem cells in the world is also in its initial stage and only some medical centers have managed to proceed from animal tests to human tests for treating limited retinal-related cases, Riazi noted.

According to the specialist, Iran’s ophthalmological science centers and facilities which are required for medical operation, are comparable to those in advanced countries and can compete with them.

In a way, many eye transplants and the use of stem cells in curing many cornea malignancies, including keratoconus, are being carried out in the country.

The researchers have also succeeded in designing and producing some parts of eyes artificially, for example artificial cornea and some prostheses applied within the cornea.

All Iranian ophthalmological centers nationwide have for years been equipped with advanced facilities and there is no need to send patients abroad for ophthalmological services.

Many foreign patients also come to Iran for such services annually.