Jul 12, 2014, 9:36 AM
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Daily: Muslims, NGOs must isolate Israel

Tehran, July 12, IRNA - 'Iran Daily' on Saturday vehemently criticized the world powers silence, the UNSC's apathy, the US, the so-called human rights organizations and the Western countries for failing and refusing to speak out against Tel Aviv's inhuman atrocities on the innocent Gazans.

"Given the backing of the UN and Western countries for Israeli crimes against Palestinians, time is ripe for Muslim countries to review their policies on Israel. And, given to the loyalty of some Muslim governments to the dominating powers, Muslims and non-governmental organizations should use public diplomacy to put pressure on the Israeli regime," urged the English-language paper in its Opinion column.

Israel’s brutal strikes on the Palestinian city of Khan Yunis and Nuseirat refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip have claimed the lives of dozens of fasting and defenseless people.

Israel launched its violent incursion on the enclave using the murder of three Israeli teenagers as a pretext. Following the incident, heavily armed Israeli troops continued their suppression and creating panic with door-to-door searches of Palestinian homes on the pretext of finding the Israeli teens who went missing and found dead in the West Bank last week.

Israeli’s violent incursion into Gaza and the massacre of innocent people brings back memories of the crimes committed by the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

Israel’s drone attacks on the civilians, bombing of Palestinians’ homes, the door-to-door searches of their homes, putting thousands of Palestinians behind bars and attacks on Palestinian girls and women are among the traits of Israeli troops.

Israel’s ongoing attacks on the besieged area are due to its consecutive defeats against the resistance front in Lebanon and Palestine, noted the daily.

It is high time Muslims and non-governmental organizations use public diplomacy to put pressure on the Israeli regime, urged the paper in conclusion.