Jul 9, 2014, 7:20 PM
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Iranian researchers use stem cell to treat skin burn

Tehran, July 9, IRNA -- Iranian researchers have managed to use stem cell for treating skin burns in laboratory animals, said the head of Cell and Molecule Research Center of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Thursday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily quoted Mohammad Taqi Joghataei as saying the achievement was made following 24 years of constant studies conducted by members of his research team in cooperation with experts from Amir Kabir University of Technology.

He said continuation of the research, in case of success, will lead to a significant development in treating skin injuries particularly severe burns.

He noted in the next step, nanofibers are expected to be used as a complementary functional material to treat skin injuries with stem cell.

Joghataei said fortunately the laboratory stages of the research project have been conducted successfully, adding outstanding results are expected to be achieved by next year.

A burn is damage to the skin or body tissue from exposure to heat, ultra-violet light, radiation, hot liquid, steam, fire, flammable liquids or gases, chemicals, or electricity. Minor burns typically heal on their own without treatment, while more severe burns require hospitalization to prevent infection, shock, or death.

Burn injury is reportedly an important cause of morbidity and mortality in many countries. It leads to a loss of integrity of the skin, which protects us from water loss, temperature change, radiation, trauma and infection.