IRNA chief: IRNA external news service a helping hand for diplomatic system

Tehran, July 9, IRNA -- Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency Mohammad Khoddadi said on Wednesday that IRNA external news service is a helping hand for the country's diplomatic system.

He made the remarks in a meeting with editors of IRNA English, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish desks.

Khoddadi said that the news agency has plans to add several other news services in other languages.

IRNA foreign news department is regarded as the most effective section of the news agency to render services to thwart the propaganda campaign of the hostile governments to Iran.

"We should respond to allegations raised by the enemies with their own languages to leave more impacts on them," he said.

Personnel of IRNA foreign desks are soldiers of the Islamic government in the domain of the media war, he said.

IRNA reflects Iran's developments round the clock in Persian, English, Arabic, Spanish and Turkish and in the near future some other languages such as Russian will be added.