Jul 9, 2014, 4:32 PM
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Iran decries instrumental use of terrorists in region

Tehran, July 9, IRNA – Iran on Wednesday reprimanded certain governments for employing terrorism to stir up stability in the Middle East.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said that certain governments must stop instrumental use of terrorists in the region.

"We are sensitively following up the case of Iraq developments as a neighbor. Since the beginning also we declared our stance on terrorist issue in Iraq, which has turned into a tool for political changes in the country. All parties in the region should be sensitive to terrorist groups and their activities," Afkham told a press conference.

Asked whether Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affairs Amir Abdollahian's regional visit was in line with Iraq developments, Afkham said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is holding consultations with many countries in the region such as Russia having common views about state of affairs in the region.

She criticized the Saudi and Qatari governments for financing the terrorists to influence the Iraqi political trend and said that terrorism is a danger and the menace of terrorism is not restricted to a single country.

"We have been witnessing that terrorists had over the past few years in Syria acted in favor of regime change and change of Syrian government, widening the scope of their activity."

Afkham warned that danger of terrorism might spread to the entire region.

"We have started talks with many governments of the region to notify them of the dangers and prepare the ground for cooperation to stop the activities as collective measures to counter terrorist and regional and international dangers is needed."

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that aggression on the Palestinian nation will spark the wrath of Muslims against the Tel Aviv occupying regime.

She expressed outrage at the disproportionate air raids on the Palestinian people by the Tel Aviv regime over the past several days and said in the holy month of Ramadan, when hearts of the Muslim Ummah are directed to spirituality, humanity, passion and philanthropy, we have unfortunately been witnessing the Israeli brutality and aggression on the defenseless Palestinian people martyring or maiming a large number of women and children.

She said that the brutal aggressions and massacre of innocent people under the vain pretext of kidnapping of three Israeli settlers, especially the tragic and heinous scenes of martyrdom of the young Palestinian, which was reminiscent of the terrorists' crimes in Syria and Iraq, proves failure of the occupying regime vis-a-vis the liberation movement of the Palestinians.

Touching on statement of certain officials of Iraqi Kurdistan province on separation from Iraq, she said that the Islamic Republic of Iran dissuades the Kurdish separatists from raising such slogans and that Iran support the Iraqi territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

She said that the Iraqi disintegration will not benefit anybody and there is no consensus about disintegration of Iraq among the Iraqi nation.

She cited the Iraqi Constitution as the legal foundation for national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.

She noted that integrated and strong Iraq would definitely play stronger role in the region. "So we hope that all groups and parties will take the important issue into consideration."

Asked about Amir-Abdollahian's statement that Iran welcomes the visit to Tehran of the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and possibility of reopening of Iran-Saudi Arabia relations, Afkham said a visit was to be paid to Saudi Arabia as well in the course of the regional visit of Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif but it did not take place due to failure to provide necessary situation.

She added that over the past months, Tehran has been ready to hold talks and consultations with Saudi Arabia due to the important and sensitive situation in the region.

"We believe that Saudi Arabia can play more constructive role in the Middle East developments and if a step is taken in that line, it would help the betterment of the situation in the region as Iran is also ready to initiate an important regional dialogue with Riyadh.

"Iran has not shipped any arms or plane to Iraq," said Afkhan when asked about reports that Iran had returned Iraqi fighters.

Responding to a question about a court ruling in Iran's favor and against the US at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, she said, "We have also been informed of the ruling which was due to the US violation of the Algiers Accord with the United States."

Furthermore, we have lodged many complaints with the ICJ in The Hague on such issues as violation and non-adherence of the US to commitments, which have on certain occasions been issued in Iran's favor.