Iran's ambassador: Terrorism is a global threat which goes beyond borders

Tehran, July 8, IRNA - Iran's Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Ali Najafi said on Tuesday that the danger of terrorism goes beyond borders and will put the regional and international peace and security at stake.

Danger of terrorism is an international issue and never be limited in a specific geographic location, he said.

Najafi made the remarks in a article published in Kyrgyz national news agency on Tuesday.

Fight against violence, extremism and terrorism require international resolve and the firm determination of the world leaders, the initiative was proposed to the international community by President Hassan Rouhani in his statement to the the United Nations General Assembly last September, he said.

Barbaric crimes and atrocities of Daesh terrorist group in Iraq are blatant violation of human rights and crimes against humanity having nothing to do with Islam, he said.

They seek to sow discord among the world Muslims in order to distort the image of Islam and promote Islamophobia, he said.

He said that the current developments in Iraq under the guise of conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims are not acceptable, although certain individuals try to raise the issue for political considerations.

To the same token, their misdeeds have been condemned by all Ulema, the Muslim public opinion as well as intellectuals of other countries, he said.

Halt of financial support will deal a great blow to the terrorist group, Najafi said.