Jul 8, 2014, 5:16 PM
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Exposure to UV may trigger cancer

Tehran, July 8, IRNA -- Sun's ultra violet (UV) rays are responsible for many eye diseases and those who exposed for long hours to direct sun radiation are more likely to have eye-related malignancies, said an ophthalmologist.

Wednesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily quoted Dr. Mohsen Bahmani Kashkouli as saying wearing standard sunglasses is the best way to avoid the harmful effects of sun rays.

He added UV rays will pose the same risk to eyes during daytime and there is no difference between morning and evening radiation in terms of the harmful impacts. "Exposure to UV in cloudy weather is also not risk-free, since clouds just block little amount of visible rays and cannot bar the diffusion of invisible rays."

Exposure to UV rays for prolonged periods can cause inter-eye complications, eye cancer, skin cancer in regions close to the eyes and advanced aging which can be evident as wrinkles in the face, he noted.

The ophthalmologist said that all points of the body which are exposed to UV for extended durations are at risk of skin cancer, but as skin of regions around the eyes is very thin, thus they are more prone to cancer than other parts of body.

Sunglasses can protect the eyes, eyelid, eyebrow and other parts around eyes from harmful rays of the sun, the eye specialist added. The use of sunglasses and sunscreens are strongly recommended for all.

Pointing to the effects of age in developing cancer, Bahmani Kashkouli said age is a susceptible factor in cancer and old people are more prone to UV-related cancers.

Although, cancers are hardly developed in the youth, unless preventive measures are taken, they will also be at risk.