Jul 8, 2014, 5:10 PM
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Street children, child laborers to receive monthly wage

Tehran, July 8, IRNA -- Tehran City Council’s Social Committee announced that street children and child laborers will receive a monthly wage to have a livelihood and continue their education.

Fatemeh Daneshvar as saying that 90 percent of child laborers work because of poverty.

Speaking on the occasion of launching a child labor program, Daneshvar added that the plan will be implemented in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, municipalities and related state organizations.

"Unfortunately, Iran has no precise statistics on the number of child laborers and their conditions. The only information at hand is statistics regarding street children, because they are very visible but this does not present the complete picture,” she said.

Speaking on the participation of companies in supporting child laborers, Daneshvar added that the children will be given a monthly wage to solve their financial problems and help them return to school.

“Providing street children with education will play an important role in preventing them from going back to the streets,” she said.

State Welfare Organization conducted a survey in March 2013, which showed about 30 percent of street children never attended school and about 5 percent of boys and 1 percent of girls used narcotics.

Daneshvar noted that the committee also intends to lend more expertise to social workers to reduce social disorders that threaten child labor.

The southern parts of Tehran, particularly District 12, have the largest number of child laborers and street children.