Jul 8, 2014, 5:05 PM
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Iranian researcher discovers new cancer biomarker

Tehran, July 8, IRNA -- An Iranian researcher has discovered a new diagnostic biomarker for cancers caused by environmental pollutants.

In his lecture delivered at Isfahan's University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Saeed Andalib Jourtani unveiled his new discovery and said that he has worked on the biomarker, named Line-1, for more than 10 years.

Jourtani, who is the professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department of Louisville University in the US, said he has yet to publish any article about this.

He also dwelt on various types of biomarkers which are very important in identifying different kinds of cancer.

In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of some disease state. More generally a biomarker is anything that can be used as an indicator of a particular disease state or some other physiological state of an organism.

Mohsen Minaeian, chancellor of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences said Dr. Jourtani is professionally working on biotechnology and cancerology.

He said the important discovery made by the prominent Iranian researcher will help the scientists find new methods for diagnosing, controlling and preventing cancers caused by environmental pollutants.

Researches show that 93 percent of cancers are due to environmental pollutants such as rays, viruses, bacteria, and chemical materials.