Leader of Majlis Sunni deputies fraction warns of Zionists' divisive plots

Tehran, July 8, IRNA - Head of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament)'s Sunni deputies fraction Abed Fattahi on Tuesday urged Muslims to be vigilant towards Zionist's divisive plots.

Disintegration of Iraq is the Zionist regime's plot and a big dream of Benjamin Netanyahu, the regime's prime minister, he noted.

Fattahi underlined that Muslims should be vigilant towards Zionists' divisive plots and the Iraqi nation including Sunni, Shia and Kurds should do their best to protect the country's sovereignty.

Zionists seek to destabilize the region by provoking sectarian violence and preventing establishment of new democratic systems in the Muslim World, he asserted.

Daesh is a Salafi organization affiliated to al-Qaeda founded in Iraq in 2004.