Jul 7, 2014, 5:04 PM
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Vitamin D supplementation program on agenda

Tehran, July 7, IRNA -- Iran's Health Ministry has placed Vitamin D Supplementation Program on its agenda to deal with vitamin D deficiency, announced the head of Food Promotion Department of Health Ministry.

Given the key role of vitamin D in maintaining a healthy body and the problems caused by vitamin D deficiency, the ministry plans to implement the program in schools, Tuesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily quoted Zahra Abdollahi as announcing. She added although, vitamin D deficiency affects all ages, children are more prone to it, thus, the ministry has prioritized school-aged children in the program.

The program is similar to the Iron Supplementation Program which was implemented by the ministry during the last Iranian year (ended March 21, 2014), she added. Iron program focused on students as its main target group.

In the vitamin D program, Abdollahi said, students will receive 5,000 units of vitamin D per month. The program will begin from September 23, 2014.

Vitamin D deficiency can result from inadequate exposure to sunlight; malabsorption; accelerated catabolism from certain medications; and, in infants, the minimal amount of vitamin D found in breast milk.

In children, vitamin D deficiency can result in rickets, which is evident in bowing of the legs; in adults, it results in osteomalacia, which presents itself as a poorly mineralized skeletal matrix.