Jul 7, 2014, 4:58 PM
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Excessive use of digi devices causes depression

Tehran, July 7, IRNA -- Excessive use of digital communication devices has led to an increase in grief and depression among the people, said a psychologist.

"Today, even relatives seldom get to meet each other. They keep in touch through social networks which means increased separation among family members."

Tuesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily quoted Mehrdad Kazemzadeh Otoofi as saying that since people seek culture of convenience, it is natural for them to turn to gadgets and devices to make life easier. However, overuse of some of these devices may endanger their mental health, he warned.

He also said computer has become an integral part of life. "However, when we do all calculations and administrative jobs on it, we hardly use our brains. This is while, those who use their brains for thinking and calculating, will avoid brain disorders such as Alzheimer's."

"When we sit in front of a computer, our physical activities are greatly reduced and this leads to obesity."

Today, digital devices and social networks have made communications easy, he said. "In the past, when two persons from different cities wanted to greet and ask about each other, they used to write letters. So, they used to think about their writing and then go to the post office to post the letter. Now they send them by electronic mail which means less physical movement."

"This is while, when we have direct and face-to-face communications, we can convey our feelings better and feel less lonely."

"Our involvement with electronic networks and media means less time to converse with family members. Even when a family sits in front of TV, everybody is busy with his/her own gadget such as online games, tablets, laptops, and cell phones. "

All of these lead to loneliness, depression, and grief, he added.

While, Islam underlines frequent meetings with relatives and being generous and kind towards them, he said, many children don't accompany their parents to familial ceremonies and feasts.

They get in touch with relatives through social networks, he said. "This ruptures the institution of the family. After a while, the relatives feel that they don't know each other."

He concluded that although digital devices make life easier, overusing them endangers social and mental health.