Senior cleric: Supreme Leader's fatwa against nuclear weapons is based on Quran, jurisprudence

Qom, July 7, IRNA – Senior member of Qom Seminary's Board of Instructors Ayatollah Hassan Mamdouhi on Monday said the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei's religious decree banning production, proliferation and use of nuclear arms is based on Holy Quran, dynamic jurisprudence and Islamic traditions.

Talking to IRNA, Ayatollah Mamdouhi said given the firm religious basis of the Fatwa, the international community should use the decree for disarmament and banning proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide.

Member of the Experts Assembly said the Supreme Leader's religious decree sets forth a proof of the majesty and nobility of Islam. "In our religious belief, using nuclear arms does not merely means a country's war on another country, rather a full-fledged war and a big treason against humanity."

Ayatollah Mamdouhi went on to say that if nuclear weapons are used, willingly or unwillingly many innocent people and other living creatures as well as environment will be seriously damages or destroyed which is against Islam's genuine goal and injunctions.

The Ayatollah said the Supreme Leader's religious decree banning production, proliferation and use of nuclear weapons is based on rich jurisprudential sources. "Nuclear arms are devastating and the damage caused by them is not restricted to enemies but to all people. Naturally, Islamic jurisprudence does not allow use of such tools."

He underlined that based on jurisprudential principles, the Supreme Leader issued a fatwa prohibiting the use of such weapons under any conditions.

He advised western states and international organizations to use the Supreme Leader's fatwa and appreciate its positive outcome for mankind.

The Supreme Leader's fatwa was issued at a time when the country was at the climax of glory by acquiring nuclear know-how. "While showing Iran's good intention, the fatwa introduces right jurisprudential stance, g based on traditions and Quranic verses, to world people."