Jul 7, 2014, 4:03 PM
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Press Panorama

Tehran, July 7, IRNA -- The English language paper Iran Daily in its Press Panorama column to be published on Tuesday has reviewed several Persian newspapers:

Let’s face the truth!

Jomhouri Eslami: Unless governments make considerable efforts to remove the yawning gaps between different strata, they will not be able to move toward development.

Underdeveloped nations that have managed to make progress and become developed states strive hard to improve living standards.

Unfortunately, the partial implementation of the first phase of Subsidy Reform Plan under the previous administration (2005-13), which was aimed at supporting the poor, has backfired.

Consequently, 31 percent of people have been added to the strata living under the poverty line. In other words, around one-third of the country’s population has joined those who do not have access to minimum standards of living.

Such an ominous phenomenon exacerbates the widening gap between the poor and the rich.

A large number of posh cars cruise up and down Tehran city, while homeless and jobless people grapple with poverty. This shows the presence of a large social gap.

Imam Reza’s (PBUH) Shrine host to 360,000 fasting pilgrims

Etedal: During the holy month of Ramadan, 360,000 pilgrims will be served free evening meals in the holy shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH).

Mahmoud Momtaz, an official in charge of the shrine’s pilgrim affairs, said daily around 2,500 kilograms of rice and 2,000 kilograms of meat are cooked for the fast-breaking ceremony.

Some 4,000 carpets, which cover an area of 24,000 square meters and 3 kilometers of tablecloth, are spread daily.

Over 600 of the shrine’s personnel work all day long to prepare the evening meals and 400 others organize the guests in the holy month.

'Mock battle' on setting car prices

Kayhan: The daily said setting the prices of domestically produced cars is like a mock battle between the government and car manufacturers.

“Car producers have managed to secure huge incomes due to mismanagement of some government officials,” the daily wrote.

On Saturday, a council responsible for setting the prices of domestic cars increased the prices to make up for “the losses incurred” by giant auto manufacturers due to rising costs.

This is while a comparison with foreign models in the same price range shows Iranian cars are priced exorbitantly high. Iranians are forced to tolerate the situation because of the carmakers’ monopoly and high tariffs on car imports.

Barzani’s affiliation to Israel

Resalat: Although an overwhelming majority of Iraqi people, ethnic and religious groups have shown disagreement with Kurdistan’s secession from Iraq, Kurdish President Massoud Barzani harps on his sinister plot.

Barzani has said he is adamant about holding a referendum among Kurds to gain independence from Iraq, which indicates his affiliation to the Israeli regime.

The Kurdish president has pinned his hope on the support of Tel Aviv officials and Turkey who openly support the plans for tearing Iraq up.

Unbridled use of water resources

Quds: Iran is a semi-arid nation with an annual precipitation of 250 millimeters (equivalent to one-third of the global standard).

In spite of the calls issued by Energy Ministry officials for a 20-percent reduction in water consumption, its use has been on the rise.

At present, surface waters have declined by 50 percent and many plains are facing critical conditions.

For example, Khorasan Razavi province has faced drought conditions in the past 14 years.