Jul 6, 2014, 4:40 PM
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Bibi Hazer’s assorted dolls

Tehran, July 6, IRNA -- An 88-year old artisan named Bibi Hazer started making fabric dolls from the age of 78.

Monday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily wrote that Bibi Hazer has had no training and makes a doll within two days.

“When somebody comes to see my dolls, I become happy,” she said.

She has a name and a story for every doll.

Some dolls sport a mustache and are adorned in dark clothes, which are characters from a story about thieves.

She also readies female guests for a wedding ceremony with colorful dresses, the popular Iranian puppet Kolah Qermezi and Naneh Eskandar, one of the characters of famous Iranian animation “Shekarestan”.

Bahman Abbaspour, her grandson, said, “She used to knit washcloth and make doormats. However, after vision problems, she started making dolls in 2003.”

Abbaspour, who holds a Master’s in fine arts, said, “Many of these dolls are unique. Bibi creates some of her dolls by watching TV programs. Also, some dolls wear the dress of tribal people of Fars province.”

Bibi Hazer currently lives in Shiraz, Fars province.

“When I found that she has made many dolls, I encouraged her to have a target in making dolls. When she displayed her dolls in a fair last April, her motivation increased,” he said.

Her dolls are priced between 100,000 ($3.3) and 600,000 ($20) rials.

“I negotiated with the Doll-Makers Association of Theater House to stage the stories narrated by Bibi Hazer along with her puppet dolls,” he said,

Bibi Hazer, who also draws paintings, is in good health.