Jul 5, 2014, 11:30 AM
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Spanish expert underlines Iran's role in Iraqi peace, stability

Madrid, July 5, IRNA – Former Spanish diplomat Gustavo Murales said Iran should play its due role in Iraq's peace and stability.

Talking to IRNA, he said Iran has to help Iraq restore peace and stability.

Murales who also works as a journalist said the US should stop interventions and conspiratorial designs in the region.

He believed further proximity between Iran and Iraq would help heal the wounds of the eight-year bloody war between the two countries (1980-88).

He urged West to compare the treatment of Christians by Salafi groups and Iran to see how Iran gives them all kinds of rights even the chance to have their own representative in the parliament.

He further noted that the US should stop sponsoring, training, arming and guiding extremist Salafi terrorist groups in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

He said the US should notice that the same Salafi groups it supported in Syria are now operating against Washington in Iraq.

The former diplomat believed the US cannot afford any fresh adventurist military operations in the Middle East because the Daesh atrocities have taken the White House by surprise and forced the US President Barack Obama to take actions.

He noted that President Obama is now forced to engage in a war he opposed as a senator but has now to deal with as an evil inheritance passed down to him by George W Bush.