Jul 3, 2014, 2:34 PM
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Iran will try to reach a solution in talks with G5+1: FM

Tehran, July 3, IRNA – Iran will do its best to reach a rational lasting solution in talks with G5+1, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his facebook page on Thursday before beginning of the sixth round of nuclear talks with the six powers.

Rejecting Western media predictions on the outcome of the Vienna 6 talks, he said the negotiations are very complicated.

On Wednesday the Iranian foreign minister sent an English video message with Persian subtitles.

The message was translated into other languages.

He said, "In the next three weeks, we have a unique opportunity to make history."

Referring to various crises around the world including the "horrible" events in Iraq, the foreign minister called the nuclear dispute between Tehran and certain world powers "an unnecessary crisis that has destracted us from addressing together our common challenges."

The Iranian foreign minister said that the nuclear crisis could have been resolved in 2005, "but then people didn't believe me when I said that Iranians are allergic to pressure.

"The George Bush administration torpedoed the deal by demanding that we abandon enrichment all together. They then opted for pressures and sanctions for eight years."

Referring to the anti-Iran sanctions as "crippling even deadly," the foreign minister said "sanctions did not cripple our nuclear program. Neigher did the murdur of our nuclear scientists, the sabotage of our nuclear facilities with potentially disasterous environmental ramifications or the military threats."

"As we approach July 20th, I feel compelled to warn again that pursuing a game of chicken in an attempt to extract last minute concessions cannot achieve anything better than it achieved in 2005.

Zarif stressed that Iran is trying "to reach a doable and lasting deal."

Urging Western states to "try mutual respect," Zarif said, "My government remains committed to end this unnecessary crisis by July 20th and I hope my couterparts too."