Jul 2, 2014, 5:31 PM
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Iranian surgeon removes giant tumor

Tehran, July 2, IRNA -- A benign sphenoid tumor which had covered a quarter of a patient’s brain was removed successfully at Petrochemical Industries Hospital in Mahshahr, Khuzestan province.

This grueling surgery was carried out on a 55-year-old man, according to the Thursday edition of the English-language newspaper Iran Daily.

The patient was admitted to hospital after he was afflicted with right eyelid ptosis accompanied by chronic headaches.

When MRI was carried out on the patient, a tissue measuring 15X15X10 was observed in the sphenoid region of his brain.

The tumor was so big that it surrounded about one fourth of the head exerting great pressure on the whole brain.

The tumor was successfully removed following a six-hour surgery.

Now, he is now fully conscious and undergoing post-surgery recovery period at the intensive care unit (ICU).