Jul 2, 2014, 5:23 PM
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Iran hosts ECO health tourism confab

Nowshahr, July 2, IRNA - Ramsar is to host the ECO's first ever health tourism conference on August 18-20, Ramsar governor Hossein Sarvari said on Wednesday.

The venue of the conference would be Ramsar hotel, he said.

Officials in the city launched the homepage of the confab www.icechtmi.com respectively, he said.

The confab is to review various issues such as diversification of tourism industry, regional management, empowering workforce, human resources, tourism economy, information technology and setting up database for health tourism and marketing services, Sarvari said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are the ten members of ECO.

Some 60 foreign guests are to attend the confab along with representatives from Iranian ministries and organizations.

We are to make use of the city potentials for proper conduct of the confab, he said.