Jul 2, 2014, 1:22 PM
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Plan ready for world registration of Iranian churches

Tehran, July 2, IRNA - The comprehensive plan for the world registration of Iranian churches is ready, said the director of Iranian Churches’ Global Heritage Center.

Sherly Avedian added that it would be implemented by domestic and foreign experts in accordance with international standards.

“The plan will be implemented under the supervision of the center’s Strategic Committee,” she said.

The center conducted documentation of religious monuments of Iranian-based Christians since 2009. It visited 280 villages, graveyards and historical houses.

Also, it obtained photos, films and documents that will be published in a three-volume book in four languages.

“Studies showed that 150 churches are in good conditions,” she said. “The

center has helped launch the annual ceremony of Saint Thaddeus Church in West Azarbaijan province and invited domestic and foreign experts to participate in training workshops.”

Avedian said it seeks to enhance the know-how of domestic experts and invite foreign experts skilled in renovation of stone church monuments.

Preparing the dossier for the global registration of Vank Church in Isfahan, completing the comprehensive plan for global registration of Iranian churches, organizing the precincts of churches and renovating Choupan Church in East Azarbaijan in cooperation with the Aras Free Zone are major programs of the center.

Vank Church is to be added to the dossier for the global registration of Iranian churches in 2015. The church, located in Jolfa District, was built during the rule of Safavid King Abbas.

Vank in Armenian language means cathedral. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches with gold-plated roof and historical paintings.

Avedian said Qara Kilisa Complex, which includes the three churches of Qara Kilisa, Saint Stepanous and Zoorzoor, were registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2008.