Jul 1, 2014, 4:43 PM
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Wi-fi waves harmful

Tehran, July 1, IRNA -- Exposure to some waves, including wi-fi waves, may be harmful, said the head of Health Ministry's Department for Radiation Health.

Ali Gourani explained that wi-fi technology is one of wireless systems giving off energy to environment and continued exposure will leave serious impacts on the body, according to the Wednesday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily.

He further said if the amount of energy emission from such energy resources exceeds standard level, occasional exposure will also be harmful.

Such waves can affect heart, blood, eye, ear, nervous system and body's immune system, Gourani added. "These electromagnetic waves are able to cause brain cancer."

"Wi-fi exposure may influence brain's cognitive abilities, including memory, learning capacity and concentration ability," he said.

Electromagnetic waves can also affect DNA and trigger some genetic mutations, Gourani added.

Although, scientific evidence has established the harmful effects of wi-fi radiation, the use of technologies equipped with electromagnetic waves systems are increasing every day, the head of Health Ministry's Department for Radiation Health noted.

It is strongly recommended that all organizations and bodies concerned with health issues must take radiation-related problems seriously and reduce their impact, the expert stressed.

Establishing required rules for obliging companies providing electromagnetic waves services to maintain standard and safe frames in their works and promoting public awareness regarding to such waves harms are among the solutions for preventing electromagnetic waves-related malignancies, he added.

People must limit the use of radiating technologies to the lowest possible since their impacts will appear during a prolonged time and lack of instant effect does not mean they are risk-free, he stressed.