Iran expresses outrage at Israeli invasion on defenseless Palestinians

Tehran, July 1, IRNA – Iran on Tuesday expressed outrage at Israeli invasion on defenseless Palestinians in retaliatory move about killing three Israeli youth. Hamas rejected accusation about kidnapp and murder of the youth.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Tel Aviv regime's aggression on Gaza Strip killing or maiming the defenseless Palestinians in the fasting month of Ramadan.

Afkham said the hero Palestinian nation and Jihadi groups will not yield to the pressures and the cold-blood crimes against huimanity of the occupying regime of Tel Aviv.

Such aggressions will add up to the determination and unity of the Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation and serious campaign against plots of the Zionist regime.

She said recent decision by the Zionist regime to allocate budget for various projects in Holy Qods to fully dominate the holy site is a dangerous move to desecrate the Islamic sanctities.

She appealed to the UN, the legal and international bodies and those interested in the holy land to stand against such illegal and adventurist measures of the Zionists and show serious reaction to them with regards to the lofty status of Qods among Muslims.

Israeli warplanes raided Gaza and the West Bank over the past two days martyring dozens of fasting Palestinians.

The bodies of the three Israeli youth kidnapped earlier were found on Monday.

Israel killed several Palestinian youth in search operation to locate those kidnapped.