Jul 1, 2014, 2:12 PM
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Press Panorama

Tehran, July 1, IRNA - The English language paper Iran Daily in its Press Panorama column to be published on Wednesday has reviewed several Persian newspapers:

Fuss over football and jubilation over volleyball

Ebtekar: Although Iran’s volleyball team managed to beat world’s giants successively, people did not take to the streets to hold public celebrations.

Even cyberspace users did not give importance to the landslide victories of the volleyball team.

Iran was able to defeat Brazil, Italy and Poland in the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World League, which are top teams of the world.

However, following a 1-0 loss against Argentina football team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, people held rallies to express their jubilation for giving a tough fight to Argentineans.

Today, not only is football a popular sport, but a blend of arts, industries and culture, which can overshadow the daily lives of different strata.

However, volleyball cannot hold a candle to football, despite glories brought by the volleyball players.

Likewise, football is a symbol of identity for nations and its ball can make the money roll.

Iranians, like other nations, prefer to regret the failure of the national football team instead of celebrating the remarkable achievements of their volleyball team.

Private sector investment

Etemad: Despite huge oil revenues earned during the tenure of ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s economy plunged into a recession.

A 6-percent negative economic growth and a 30-plus inflation rate led to stagflation.

Consequently, national projects were paralyzed due to the adverse economic conditions.

Likewise, unbridled imports struck a serious blow to the economy and worked to the detriment of the private sector.

Fortunately, since President Rouhani assumed office in August 2013, a squeeze on liquidity topped the agenda of economic policies, which helped mitigate the inflation rate.

Comprehensive policies devised by the Central Bank of Iran can also help reduce the inflation rate.

The government is not only expected to curb galloping inflation, but take measures to boost economy, investments, private sector activity and prosperity.

Since our economy is heavily dependent on state motions, the administration can help complete semi-finished projects left by the previous government, which will boost productivity.

Although unregulated injection of cash flow can further aggravate economic wounds, pumping liquidity to civil projects can boost the economy.

As a result, decisions to expedite the allocation of national funds to civil projects will help the government achieve the objectives of “resistance economy” outlined by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Adverse impact of FIFA World Cup on economic efficiency

Shahrvand: The 2014 FIFA World Cup has adversely impacted economic efficiency to a great extent.

A large number of employees either apply for a leave or reduce their working hours to watch the football matches, which have enthralled the ardent supporters of the popular sport.

Polls conducted by well-known institutes indicate that one out of eight Iranian men take a leave to watch their favorite football teams.

Men are more willing to sacrifice their work for football compared to women while only one out of 17 married women leave work for watching football matches.

According to the polls, personnel of international companies in Iran top the list of strata that halt work for football by 18 percent, followed by the private sector with 15 percent.

In state bodies, 14 percent of the employees stop their usual working time to watch the FIFA World Cup matches.

Unregulated leaves, hoopla, insomnia as well as ranting and raving about the performances of football teams negatively impact efficiency at work.

The Wall Street Journal announced that British companies will incur a loss of around £1 million by the end of 2014 FIFA World Cup due to the absence of their staff who are crazy about following up the matches.

Rescuing the stock market

Vatan-e Emrouz: This conservative daily has lashed out at the government for its approach toward the stock market.

“Policies adopted by official bodies have made the lives of stock market investors miserable,” the paper wrote.

The daily referred to a letter by stock market activists and blamed President Hassan Rouhani’s administration for its “detrimental policies”.

It warned that any disregard to the stock market will be followed by irreparable damage to the economy.

“Unless the government takes appropriate measures, the liquidity released from the stock market will destabilize markets and pose a threat to economic stability,” it said.

Iran’s stock market indices have drastically dropped in the last few months.