Supreme Leader encourages young generation to augment birth rate

Tehran, May 5, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Monday encouraged the young generation to augment birth rate.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with members of association of midwifery.

The Supreme Leader appreciated the young generation for contribution to the lively atmosphere of the community and said that the young generation would help positively the demography of the population in favor of the young by boosting birth rate.

Elaborating on the renditious services of the midwives, the Supreme leader said that all men and women are indebted to midwives and they have always been endeared by the public.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Supreme Leader said experts should keep the general forums and media informed of the adverse consequences of abnormal delivery and miscarriages, while briefing them on the positive effects of natural birth in health of both mother and baby.

The Supreme Leader re-issued warning against drastic fall in number of population, the young generation in particular, in the coming years, which would deal a very heavy blow to the country, criticizing the family planning and birth control as the western life-style wrongly publicized in Iran so far.