Jan 29, 2014, 3:45 PM
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Geneva II Conference doomed to failure

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 29, IRNA – Former member of New Zealand Parliament said that the Geneva II Conference purporting to solve the “Syrian issue” is doomed to failure.

In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday Richard Mayson said: the conference is riddled with contradictions, heavy biases where the primary destructive party in Saudi Arabia that is causing the chaos and backing the most virulent terrorists in the world, along with Qatar is participating, as are those western countries led by the US.

He added "This extreme cynicism and attempt to manipulate the Islamic Awakening has been a disaster from the start as we saw with NATO’s illegal intervention in Libya, problems that still exist in Tunisia, the disaster of a military coup d'état in Egypt and most cynical of all a blind eye to the despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE."

Mayson said Syria alone has been picked off because of its geo strategic value in being part of the Alawite-Shia crescent which resists Israel’s mayhem in the Middle East and Sunni extremism. It has little to do with President Bashir al Aasad and more to do with American and Western hegemony using the Persian Gulf States and especially Saudi Arabia as its proxy.

Mayson stressed that it is no coincidence that the chief funder of these terrorists, Bandar has recently been told to go to “ground” and last reports had him doing so in the USA.

According to him the problems that exist in Syria are a human tragedy, but it has started and been fueled to this day by the West and its Sunni complicit partners in Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states.

He added: "Take these parties out of the equation and the problem can be solved. The so called rebels are a motley assembly of vicious terrorists and political opportunists and Iran is wise in having nothing to do with them."

Mayson stated: this tragedy boils down to another last ditch stand of Western neo colonialism to retain power and access to cheap energy through its ever compliant and immoral Sunni partners in the Persian Gulf States. That the USA was and did humiliate Ban Ki Moon in his withdrawal of the invitation to Iran is in the same class as constant USA veto's of all resolutions against Israel.

He added that it has been about regime change and the desire to neutralize Shia throughout the region from the outset and at all costs. It cannot and will not succeeded and Iran can consider itself to be fortunate not to be involved in Geneva as no good will come out of it. It’s a total farce and has been from the outset.