Zarif: Tehran will not allow crimes against Palestinians to be forgotten

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif says Tehran will not allow the Zionists to deceitfully divert world attention from their crimes against the Palestinian people.

Speaking to Jibril Rajoub, a member of Fatah's Central Committee, in Tehran on Tuesday, Zarif said Palestine is an essential cause for the Iranian people and officials.

He said the Palestinian nation is very dear to both the Iranian government and people and the Palestinian people with a brilliant record of resistance against Zionist aggressors deserve all-out support of all Islamic and non-Islamic states.

He said over the past years, the Zionists have made intensive efforts to divert attention of the world public opinion and governments from their crimes in Palestine, using Iran's peaceful nuclear program as a pretext.

He added that Iran's decision to enter into nuclear talks and reach an agreement was aimed at depriving Zionists of any pretext.

He noted that resistance, preservation and strengthening of unity, solidarity among the Palestinian people are stumbling blocks to the Zionists' crimes. "We believe the future of Palestine and its people should be decided by Palestinians themselves and through ballot boxes."

He regretted that certain groups in the world are exerting pressure on the Palestinian people and officials. He added, "We oppose any foreign intervention in the affairs of the Palestinian people, given that the Palestinian nation is a brave one able to decide its fate and destiny itself."

He said as current chair of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and an active member of the Quds Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Iranian government and people will use all their political capacity to preserve the prestige and unity of the Palestinian nation and strengthen the position of the Palestinian people in resisting the inhumane policies of the Zionist regime.

Rajoub, for his part, conveyed warm greetings of head of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbass to Iranian officials and people and thanked the Iranian government and people for their all-out support for Palestinian aspiration and noble Quds.

He said Fatah Movement will not stop its resistance until establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Quds as its capital.

"Since start of Syrian crisis, our stance has been based on tackling it through dialogue and on the need for the Syrian people to decide their fate without foreign intervention," he added.