New Zealand politician: Failure of Geneva II talks proves Iran major role in region

Kuala lumpure, Jan 28, IRNA – Former member of the New Zealand parliament Richard Meyson has said failure of the Gevena II Conference on Syria indicated Iran’s supreme role in the region.

Speaking exclusively to IRNA, Meyson said holding a conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in Iran’s absence to tackle the critical issue of Syria was a fruitless effort.

He said the only outcome of the conference was making contradictory ideas and fanatic views in a meeting ruled by Saudi-backed groups that are mainly responsible for the ongoing clashes in Syria.

Meyson added that presence of those who advocate terrorists at the international arena as well as participating of the US-led western countries in the conference have led to its confusion.

The New Zealand politician further argued that attempts to influence and derail public movements known as the Islamic Awakening in the Arab countries were the main cause of the present situation in the region.

Meyson stressed that the present situation in Syria was mostly caused by the US dominance over some of the Persian Gulf's countries such as the Saudi Arabia.