Syrian minister doubts Syrian death toll announced by international bodies

Tehran, Jan 26, IRNA – Syrian Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shamat, who is on an official visit to Tehran, on Monday expressed doubt over the death toll in Syria conflict announced by international organizations.

Speaking to reporters, al-Shamat complained double standards toward Syria by certain international organizations which she said support terrorists in Syria while they claim to make effort to resolve the crisis.

Innocent people of Syria have fallen victim to terrorism and an organized conspiracy, the Syrian minister said.

Asked by IRNA reporter to comment on shipment of humanitarian aid to Syria, al-Shamat said although this issue was on the agenda of Geneva-2 Conference and the participating countries and organizations, the Syrian government has exercised the best cooperation with the international relief aid agencies to help save the people from starvation due to lack of food and medical supplies

She said that Damascus government had made its best for humanitarian aid to reach the Syrian nation even before the Conference.

She said that Geneva-2 Conference was scheduled to focus on countering terrorism in Syria but certain people are trying to overshadow the main issue of the Conference by raising issues such as shipment of humanitarian aid to the country.