President: Proper engagement with other countries is requisite for national development

Tehran, Jan 27, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the country’s development is intertwined with more suitable engagement with the outside world.

“The country’s development is linked with more suitable engagement with the world. However, we will not be ready to give up our rights and dignity,” President Rouhani told a group of lawmakers.

He said government has been able to sit on the table with six governments of the world, relying on the votes of the public, and hold talks with them and reach understanding and this in fact had been due to power and dignity of the nation.

Elsewhere in his address, Rouhani touched on foreign investment and said with regards to foreign investment, Iranians residing abroad should pioneer because here is their own land.

He said senior Iranian directors and Iranians at large, who are engaged in the big world companies, should be encouraged to invest in Iran.

“We should prepare the ground for extensive investment and that the goal would not be achieved in absence of democratic freedom, stability and security,” he added.

He noted that a big work is needed and domestic capital is not well enough for all the projects.

He said major companies abroad are ready to invest in Iran.

“Iran has much potential for investment and in the meantime the government will adopt better conditions to encourage investment.”