Journalist terms Rouhani’s invitation to foreign investors, major development

Islamabad, Jan 27, IRNA - Senior Pakistani journalist on Monday said that invitation by President Hassan Rouhani asking foreign investors to invest in Iran is a major development which shows that Iran is interested in building strong economic ties with the international community.

Talking to IRNA, Rahimullah Yusufzai said that that speech of President Rouhani at World Economic Forum in Davos depicts that Iran offers excellent opportunities to foreign investors.

“President Rouhani has taken a courageous step which shows his confidence in foreign investment,” said the analyst.

He added that foreign investors must welcome the offer of the Iranian President seriously because it is equally beneficial to them. “Iran is ready to provide all guarantees to foreign investors,” he said.

He stressed that Iran is a peaceful country and wants to develop strong economic relationship with the whole world.

President Rouhani in his speech said he would push for greater engagement with the world as part of his drive to make the Iranian economy one of the top 10 within the next three decades.

Yusufzai noted that the measures taken by President Rouhani in recent days would have far reaching impacts on the politics of region and world.

He reiterated that President Rouhani also assured the world that Iran is not after nuclear weapons and is enriching uranium only for peaceful purposes.

“The agreement between Iran and 5+1 shows the sincerity of Iran in resolving all issues with the West through dialogue,” he added.

The journalist said the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has already issued a fatwa against development and use of nuclear weapons which is the biggest guarantee that Iran will not develop nuclear bomb.

The journalist said that foreign investors must response positively to the Iranian offer. “The offer is a major breakthrough in international politics,” he said.

Yusufzai is Resident/Executive Editor of the Jang group's “The NEWS international" at Peshawar Bureau.