Jan 26, 2014, 2:42 PM
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Indian analyst: Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without Iran

New Delhi, Jan 26, IRNA - An Indian analyst of the international affairs feels that the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without active participation of Iran in the international negotiations on the issue.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA here, the content editor of the Sahara Media Group, a major media group in India, Miss Arti Bali said: Iran is a major political and military power in the Middle East and a very important party to the Syria issue and, thus, resolving the Syrian crisis without Tehran’s active cooperation in the Geneva-2 talks is impossible.

“Representatives of more than 40 nations including the US gathered at Geneva-2 to discuss about the possible ways to resolve the Syrian crisis but since one of the major parties to the issue, Iran, is absent the prospect of the negotiations is very deem,” she added.

Criticizing the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for giving in to the US pressure and withdrawing his invitation to Iran to attend the Geneva-2 conference, she said, all the Syrian observers first appreciated Ban’s invitation to Iran as a wise step towards resolving the Syrian crisis but, then, they got disappointed.

“This shows how the biggest international body is working under the US influence rather than in accordance with wishes of the world community,” she added.

Blaming the Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime for promoting the Sunni extremism in Syria, the seasoned analyst of the world developments, said it is quit some years that the Saudi Arabia and Israel are cooperating with each other to promote the Sunni extremism not only in the Arab World but also in the countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even India just to widen the divide between Sunnis and Shias in one hand and save their illegal rules in the Middle-East on the other.

“The Syrian crisis and emergence of the terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Taliban are just two results of this unholy cooperation.”