Rouhani's invitation to foreign investors, golden opportunity: analyst

Islamabad, Jan 26, IRNA – A senior Pakistani analyst on Sunday said that foreign investors should take advantage of the opportunity provided by President Hassan Rouhani by inviting them to invest in Iran.

Talking to IRNA Dr A. Z Hilali, Chairman, Department Of Political Science, and University of Peshawar said that President Rouhani is pursuing a balanced policy.

President Rouhani in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, said he would push for greater engagement with the world as part of his drive to make the Iranian economy one of the top 10 within the next three decades.

He said the Iranian President wants to resolve all issues with western world through dialogue that is why he has signed a nuclear deal with the West.

The analyst said that since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, western states have been launching anti-Iran propaganda. He added that Iran is not allowing the West to take control of its natural resources and this is their real problem with Tehran.

The expert stressed that billions of dollars of Iran have been freezed in American banks which is against all internal laws. “Western states have been trying to weaken the Iranian economy.

He said Iran has been doing trade with major world countries which shows that the country is pursuing a successful economic policy.

The analyst lauded Iran's indigenously developed industry adding that such a move despite sanctions is a great achievement.

He said that the Iranian President in his speech has once again assured the world that they have no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

He said that Iran has always shown restraint against western pressure that is why today the international lobby is standing with Iran.

Dr Hilali is Chairman of Department Of Political Science at University of Peshawar. His articles regularly appear in English and Urdu newspapers on defence and strategic issues.