Indian professor: Iran plays major role in maintaining peace in Middle-East

New Delhi, Jan 22, IRNA -- An Indian professor believes that Iran plays an important role in maintaining peace in the Middle-East which cannot be ignored by the world community.

In an exclusive interview with the IRNA here on Wednesday, Dr. Naved Jamal, a professor at the political science department of the Jamia Millia Islamia University at New Delhi said: “No doubt, Iran is an important power in the Middle-East and it plays a major role in maintaining peace and stability in the region and the international community cannot and should not ignore it.”

Terming Iran’s participation in the Geneva-2 Conference on Syria as a must to resolve the Syrian crisis, he said: UN’s invitation to Iran to participate in the Geneva-2 Conference was a welcome move to resolve the Syrian crisis as Tehran’s active involvement in the dissections is vital to this end.”

“But it is quite unfortunate that the invitation was later revoked under the US pressure.” Dr. Naved Jamal added.

Appreciating Iran’s role in betterment of the economic and political situations in the Middle-East, the seasoned analyst of the international affairs, said: Iran is a growing regional power and an important stake holder in the world development, peace and stability. Iran has argued for the betterment and welfare of the region. Iran matters a lot for the growth of the region.”

Welcoming the initiative of the Iranian president to improve Tehran ties with the West, Dr. Naved Jamal said: “The Great acumen and geo-political moves of President Rouhani helped in a big way to unfreeze the Iran-US relations and this will have a great impact on further consolidation of the peace and stability in not only Middle-East but also all over the world.”

Calling the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers as an important step to ease tension in the Middle-East, he said: “Signing of the nuclear deal between Iran and West provides lots of positive things and will usher in a new international matrix of growth and development among many nations including the U.S.”

“Iran’s nuclear deal will have a great bearing in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. If Iranian nuclear issue is taken care in a holistic manner it will bring stability in the region and world on the whole in terms of energy requirements and trade corridors.” Dr. Naved Jamal added.

Terming the Iranian nuclear deal as a new chapter in the Iran-US relations, he said: the deal is a beginning of a new era in the context of US- Iran relations.”