Jan 21, 2014, 8:58 PM
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Araqchi briefs lawmakers on practical aspects of Geneva deal

Tehran, Jan 21, IRNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi briefed the Iranian lawmakers on practical aspects of Geneva deal struck on November 24.

He presented a report to members of Majlis Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy, according to Ahmad Shohani, a member of the Commission.

Araqchi told the parliamentary commission that in the aftermatch of taking the first step of the action plan, the two parties have focused on the second step of the deal to reach a comprehensive deal according to which the western governments will acknowledge Iranian nuclear program as civilian.

Shohani said the lawmakers were concerned about terminology of the deal and interpretation of Western governments of the deal and want to make sure that the other party is honoring its commitments to the deal after Iran took the voluntary steps in line with the action plan.

According to the commission member, the lawmakers called for formation of a committee composed of members of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission to supervise the talks step-by-step and offer consultations to the Iranian negotiating team.

The lawmakers should be informed about details of events in advance not after they have occurred, Shohani said, adding that beforehand knowledge of lawmakers about practical aspects of the deal would help the diplomatic apparatus.

The first step of Geneva deal took effect on January 20 and the two parties have envisaged six-month period for confidence-building and to see whether or not the other party is honoring the deal in good faith.

Iran and the western governments are preparing for the comprehensive agreement which will be implemented on July 20 ending decade-long confrontation and propaganda against the national nuclear program.

The arbitrary sanctions the western governments imposed on Iran inflicted several hundred billion dollars damages on Iranian people.

The so-called advocates of human rights violated human rights of Iranian people by denying access of the people suffering from incurable diseases to foreign medicine and ignored the international law.