Brigadier General: Geneva II should cease US support for terrorism in region

Tehran, Jan 20, IRNA – Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said the Geneva II conference should result in cessation of the US and regional backwarded regimes support for terrorism.

Stressing the importance of the geneva-2 conference and the need for maintaining vigilance and sensitivity towards it, he said Syria should be careful not to be caught in the Geneva-2 trap.

The US and supporters of the terrorist groups, having failed in their plans in Syria, are now trying to compensate for their losses through political ways, he said, adding that in such conditions the Syrian nation has to maintain vigilance and view the conference with pessimism.

Saying that prior agreements have all been devised to serve the benefits of the foreign powers and certain regional states, the brigadier general noted that the decision of the Syrian nation for their destiny will be the only determining element.