Salehi: Iran to start voluntary suspension of 20-percent enrichment today

Tehran, Jan 20, IRNA – Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi said Iran will start voluntary suspension of the 20-percent uranium enrichment on Monday based on its nuclear deal with the 5+1.

Saying that the joint action plan devised during the Geneva agreement will be implemented as of Monday, he said that based on the agreement Iran will suspend its 20-percent enrichment activities in a voluntary basis.

Noting that the implementation of the content of the agreement has its own preliminary stages, he said the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency have arrived in Iran two days ago and are presently in Natanz nuclear site to cut off links between centrifuges in Natanz and Fordo sites for Iran to start voluntary suspension of 20-percent enrichment.

Referring to Iran’s 8-hour time zone difference with the US and 2.5 hours difference with Europe, Salehi said the voluntary suspension of 20-percent enrichment activities will practically stop by about noon.

He stressed that the present phase of the implementation of the Geneva nuclear deal will last for six months.

Salehi stated that Iran will vigorously continue its nuclear activities including the 5-percnet enrichment.