Jan 19, 2014, 5:49 PM
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Western plots to isolate Iran, unsuccessful: Journalist

Islamabad, Jan 19, IRNA – A Pakistani journalist on Sunday, welcoming Iran’s nuclear agreement, said that western conspiracies to isolate Islamic Republic have failed.

Talking to IRNA, Muhammad Afzal Butt, Director News ATV Channel, said that Iran has stood up to all western plots with patience.

President, Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, expressing his views said that the Geneva Agreement has vindicated Iran’s stance over its peaceful nuclear program.

“It is good to see that western countries have entered into an agreement with the Islamic Republic regarding its peaceful nuclear program,” he said.

The analyst added that western states have tried their utmost to destabilize Iran by imposing illegal sanctions but they have to change their aggressive approach towards Iran.

He said that Iran is fully committed to the nuclear deal which would be implemented by its stipulated time.

Former President of National Press Club viewed that the US must not show hostility towards Iran in nuclear talks as pointed out by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The journalist opined that the US must review its approach towards Iran and respect Islamic Republic’s basic rights.

Muhammad Afzal Butt said that Iran is the only country of the Muslim world that has always resisted the western hegemony. He added that Iran has never accepted the illegal occupation of Zionists on the land of Palestinians.

The journalist said that west has realized that Iran is a strong nation and cannot be pressurized over its right to peaceful nuclear technology. He said that western countries have failed to produce any evidence against the peaceful nature of Iran nuclear program. “They are left with no other position but to sign an agreement with Iran,” he said.

The analyst said that western conspiracies to isolate Islamic Republic have failed. He went on to say that Iran’s nuclear deal would bring peace and stability in the world.

“I salute to the wisdom of leadership of Iran,” Muhammad Afzal Butt said.

He added that Russia has played an important role in Iran’s nuclear deal. He added that Russia has always resisted to American hegemony in the world. The journalist said that Russia wants to maintain balance of power in the region.

He added that recent visit of Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif to Russia proves the strong relations between the two countries.