Indian analyst: Nuclear deal is recognition of Iran’s nuclear program by West

New Delhi, Jan 19, IRNA -- An Indian analyst of the international affairs believes that the signing of an agreement between Tehran and the six world powers is, in fact, recognition of Iran’s nuclear program by the US-led West.

In an exclusive interview, Miss Arti Bali, the content editor of India’s one of the biggest media group, the Sahara Media Group, said: “Signing of a deal between Iran and the six world powers is nothing but recognition of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program by the West and this is a major victory for Tehran.”

“The West particularly the US has finally realized that the adventurous cooperation between Israel and the Saudi Arabia was the mean reason for the sonny extremism all over the world and coming into being of the terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and Iran had been wrongly suspected of having hand is such activities,” She added.

Terming Iran’s nuclear deal with the West as the most important development in the geopolitics of the Middle-East in the recent past, she said: “Implementation of the interim deal between Iran and the six world powers starting from January 20th will bring about a sea change in the political landscape of Middle-East.”

“Saudi Arabia and Israel which were bitterly opposed to this deal for the reasons of the Shia-Sunni rivalry and the security of Israel still appear engaged in derailing this process through lobbying with the US Senators but the US president Barack Obama had already made it amply clear that he would veto any such move,” Miss Arti Bali added.

Terming the deal as a sign of the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, the seasoned analyst of the international affairs said: "The implementation of Iran’s nuclear deal, thus, assumes still greater significance especially as it confirms the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program on one hand and improves the situation in the Mid-East in other."

Calling upon all the concerned parties to the Iranian nuclear deal to be realistic, Miss Arti bali said: "It would be wise for all the negotiating parties to be realistic and maintain the trust so that the process of the implementation is carried to its logical end."

Terming the deal as the beginning of a new chapter in the Iran-West relations, she said: "This deal opens entirely a new page in the ties between Iran and the West particularly the US and that clearly indicates a new shift in the US foreign policy conducive to the prevailing situation in the Mid East and especially providing stability in the strife torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and thereby permanently addressing the Western concerns over Iran’s nuclear programme.

“This will go down as a landmark achievement of the Obama Administration in setting at rest the nuclear arms race in Middle East and in ensuring political stability in the region by minimizing Shia-Sunni divide all over the world.” Arti Bali added.