Jan 19, 2014, 11:26 AM
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Tehran condemns Takfiris’ terrorist attack on Iranian diplomat

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA – Foreign Ministry on Sunday condemned the terrorist act by Takfiri groups in martyring Iranian diplomat in Yemen Abolghassem Assadi.

It stressed that it will use all political and legal capacities to seriously follow up the case in cooperation with Yemeni government and chase, try and speedily punish the inhuman act.

It said the terrorist incident in Sana in the Unity Week and auspicious birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) shows violent and extremist image of the Takfiri groups, acting in line with dirty interests of Muslim world enemies who target unity and solidarity of Muslim Ummah.

“Evidently, such terrorist and violent measures will double Muslim nations’ hatred of terrorism, violence and extremism and their agents.

It added that it will also make the extremist and terrorist groups and their supporters the extremist and terrorist groups and their supporters isolated in the eyes of regional, world and Muslim world nations and public opinion.

Hence, the Islamic Republic of Iran calls on international organizations, countries and governments to take immediate measures to condemn such terrorist acts and take effective measures to uproot the international intricacy, read the statement.