Iran, Kyrgyzstan enjoy good capacities for promotion of cooperation: official

Tehran, Jan 18, IRNA – Given Iran-Kyrgyzstan cultural commonalities, there are excellent capacities for enhancement of mutual cooperation, said the vice president for women and family affairs.

Shahindokht Molaverdi made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting six-member Kyrgyz cultural and scientific delegation. She hoped that the visit will pave the way for further development of cultural, scientific and academic collaboration between the two countries.

Stressing the need for setting up of Iranian studies and Persian language departments in Kyrgyzstan universities, she said that promoting Persian language can help strengthen bilateral ties.

She further noted that her country attaches great significance to cooperation between women and family centers of the two countries.

Molaverdi also proposed signing a cooperation agreement under which the two countries can share experience and facilitate collboration among the institutions active in the field of women's affairs.

Expansion of bilateral ties between Iran and Kyrgyzstan can promote their status in the international arena so that they can assume an influential role in international circles, Molaverdi said.

She further noted that Iranian women are ready to exchange views with their Kyrgyz counterparts in medical, pharmaceutical and nuclear fields.

The Kyrgyz delegation consisting of two university chancellors, head of Kyrgyzstan National Library, head of State Language Commission and head of Women Congress arrived in Tehran to get acquainted with Iran’s cultural and scientific capacities.

During its one-week stay in the capital, the Kyrgyz delegation met with a number of Iranian academic and cultural figures.