Indian international political analyst: West needs Iran at this juncture

New Delhi-Jan 17, IRNA -- An Indian analyst of the international affairs believes that the West needs Iran at this juncture as they have realized that the Saudi Arabia and its allies are the sources of the destabilization in Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Jawed Naqvi, the reporter of the Pakistani daily “The Dawn” in India, said: The West now has realized that Iran has been wrongly suspected as the trouble maker Muslim state when the source of the destabilization in Afghanistan was Saudi Arabia and its allies.”

“The European Union too has got its sums wrong in Afghanistan. They now realize that the only moderating Muslim nation with any influence in Afghanistan and South Asia is Iran” added Jawed Naqvi.

Welcoming the recent change in the West’s policy on Iran, the seasoned analyst said: “For Iran this is a good change of strategy by the west. However, Iran would be happier if the strategy also presaged a change of heart towards future ties with Tehran and the first test of this could come at the Geneva conference on Syria, where Tehran is willing to play a keen and leading role.”

Terming the Iranian nuclear deal with the West as a detrimental to the positions of the Zionist Regime and the Saudi Arabia in the Middle-East, Jawed Naqvi said: There are good reasons why the Iran’s nuclear deal has offended Israel and Saudi Arabia, and there are good reasons why the West needs Iran at this juncture even at the cost of annoying these two countries.”

“The Iranian nuclear deal has put a big question mark over Israel's ability to get away with murder literally. Israel's nuclear weapons will sooner or later come up for scrutiny and Saudi Arabia can clearly see its isolation as the most troublesome country which has spread a doctrine of hatred across the world.” He added.

Condemning the Saudi’s disappointing policy on Palestine issue, Jawed Naqvi said: the Saudi Arabia will be shamed by Arabs very soon for betraying the Palestinians and for coming close to Israel instead though it is nothing new in Riyadh's policy. The 1981 Fex summit was all about Saudis trying to bail out Israel against more powerful Arab nations.

“The Iranian nuclear deal with the West has isolated Israel in the world as the west has recognized Iran's right to continue a nuclear program.” he added.